1995 Doctor’s degree in sciences with a specialty in Biotechnology, FCB-UANL, Mexico
1990 Master’s degree in sciences with a specialty in Microbiology, FCB-UANL, Mexico
1984 Bacteriologist and Parasitologist Chemist, FCB-UANL, Mexico
1992 Research Stay, ARS, USDA, Peoria, ILL., EUA.


  • Industrial Biotechnology.

  • Obtaining products (biopolymers, antioxidants and antimicrobials) from microorganisms and agro-industrial waste in order to develop functional and biomaterial ingredients, pharmaceutics and cosmetology.

  • Environmental Biotechnology.

  • The usage of microbial enzymes and bioadsorbent materials to remove and reduce contaminant compounds..

  • Agricultural Biotechnology .

  • The search and evaluation of active principles of microbial or plant origin available in control of insect pests in harvests.



  • Industrial Biotechnology

  • Fermentation in food,

  • Food Biotechnology


  • Biotechnology I

  • Industrial Biotechnology

  • Scientific Publications

Professional Qualifications

Quantity of awards and prizes, the most important are:

  • Honorable mention for Master’s Degree Theses: 1990 .

  • Merit Recognition Award for Technological Development, “Tecnos”, awarded by the State Government of Nuevo León: 1994

  • Award of Research of UANL 1999, 2002.

  • Recognition Award for innovation and Technologic development in Project of Technologic Transference, awarded by the State Government of Nuevo León: 2004

  • Pregrad (12)

  • Master’s degree (6)

  • Doctor’s degree (9)

  • National Patents (1)

  • Publications (53)

  • Books(13)

  • Chapters of books (38)

  • Projects(25)

  • Industry Agreements (3)


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Name: Dra. Katiushka Arévalo Niño
Occupation: Full Professor D, SNI-II
Telephone Number: +52 (81)8329-4000 ext. 7302; 6440

Laboratory: L 1