The Internal Biosafety Commission from Instituto de Biotecnologia is incorporating due to fulfill the law of Biosafety in organisms modified genetically and to apply good practices of scientific research and the security to use OGM’s which are used in that activity.

It is composed of three people minimum, people who work for Instituto de Biotecnología and have experience and knowledge enough in activities related with OGM’s.

The Internal Biosafety Commission Functions and Responsibilities  

  1. To define good practices of scientific research which have to be observed to apply the confinement measures of organisms modified genetically generated in performing the activity

  2. To emit biosafety rules in order to fulfill with good practices of organisms modified genetically

  3. To provide scientific and technical advisement to people that is in charge of organisms modified genetically activities.

  4. To carry a log book which contained use activities they perform, that book will be provided to the relevant ministries at their request.

  5. Provide appropriate notices to the competent authorities in accordance with the provisions of LBOGM.

  6. To give technic opinions about biosafety in teaching and research activities.

To give the needed recommendations in order to guarantee security measures in buildings where contained use activities are performance.